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About us

Sport80 was set up in 2012 by Mike Colasuonno who after over 25 years working for classic car restoration firms in the UK and Italy decided to set up his own workshop bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Patina and originality cannot be recreated.

Rather than over restore a car and lose its identity we believe in a detailed sympathetic and well thought out approach which is crucial for competition vehicles with important provenance or original low mileage cars that have been in storage for many years.

We work closely with the owner of the car researching factory records and gathering accurate period information to aid our progress in doing the best job that we can.

From correct surface finishes and textures to the correct grade passivation and stampings on top of bolts we are obsessive about detail.

With an extensive and trusted network of suppliers we are able to remake most obsolete parts including engine components, alloy castings, chrome trims, interiors and glass.

Precision engine building

With over 35 years experience in precision engine building we can not only rebuild engines to the highest standards but remake rare and obsolete components which often exceed strength and functionality levels of the originals.

From concourse original to fast road and competition engines built to strict regulations we have customers worldwide benefiting from our work.

All engines are dyno tested and fully warranted with corresponding paperwork supplied to the customer.